Released 2019, a 2 track demonstration of 'coercion'.

2 tracks stating the brutality within this realm raging from the prophylactic beauty of war, the idolatry of gods, as well as the world leader drones. Each anecdote depicts an informative path that the populace should take into consideration to assist in the combat of reconstructing ethical or moral behaviour.

All songs has been arranged and written by mendacity.
Percussion recorded at Iguana Studios from Toronto Canada. strings and Vocals recorded by MendacitY,
Mixed by Josh Welshman from 'defeated sanity'
mastered at Imperial mastering.
demo design created by 'coolghaul' from 'primitive man'.

By downloading the demo you will be able to have access to content such as: wallpaper for numerous platforms and guitarPro tabs: 
-Upon earth and flesh
-accompanying the suffering

This release is only the beginning of the project. 
Prepare for Evil.